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Becoming syntactic.
Psycholinguistic research has shown that the influence of abstract syntactic knowledge on performance is shaped by particular sentences that have been experienced. To explore this idea, the authorsExpand
What the Eyes Say About Speaking
To study the time course of sentence formulation, we monitored the eye movements of speakers as they described simple events. The similarity between speakers' initial eye movements and those ofExpand
Language production : Grammatical encoding
The persistence of structural priming: transient activation or implicit learning?
  • K. Bock, Z. Griffin
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of experimental psychology. General
  • 2000
Structural priming in language production is a tendency to recreate a recently uttered syntactic structure in different words. This tendency can be seen independent of specific lexical items,Expand
A theory of lexical access in speech production. [Abstract]
Weaver ++ is a theory of speech generation that analyzes this process as staged and feedforward. Expand
Making syntax of sense: number agreement in sentence production.
We present an account of number agreement whose tenets are that pronouns acquire number lexically, whereas verbs acquire it syntactically but with similar contributions from number meaning and from the number morphology of agreement controllers. Expand
Toward a Cognitive Psychology of Syntax: Information Processing Contributions to Sentence Formulation
Syntactic structure of utterances appears to be sensitive to the accessibility of lexical information, with phrases containing more accessible information occurring earlier in sentences. Expand
Broken agreement
The subjects and verbs of English sentences agree in number. This superficially simple syntactic operation is regularly implemented by speakers, but occasionally derails in sentences such as The costExpand
Agreement Processes in Sentence Comprehension
Three experiments examined the processing of subject‐verb agreement in sentence comprehension. Experiment 1 used a word-by-word self-paced moving window reading methodology, and participants readExpand
Framing sentences
The sentence frames formed during language production are commonly and rather uncontroversially represented as hierarchical constituent structures. There is less accord about whether the frames areExpand