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Incidence of toxoplasmosis in domestic animals in Afghanistan.
The authors investigated a total of 435 domestic animals in Afghanistan by micromodification of indirect hemagglutination test. Camels showed the highest incidence of infection (73.7%). Of 9 zebu 3Expand
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Pathology of the migration phase of Taenia hydatigena (Pallas, 1766) larvae.
The pathological picture of the migration phase of C. tenuicollis in pigs is characterized by a haemorrhagia within the liver parenchyma and under the liver surface. The haemorrhagia, whichExpand
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Electron microscopic demonstration of the penetration of liposomes through skin.
To verify the penetration of liposomes through skin, we have used liposomes with encapsulated protein G-gold conjugate in a gel vehicle. Skin samples were examined 2, 4, 24, 48, and 72 h afterExpand
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Ultrastructure of the hatched and unhatched oncospheres of Taenia saginata.
The ultrastructure of the oncospheres of Taenia saginata after treatment with artificial gastric juice is described. After the treatment with the gastric juice, the oncosphere remains in theExpand
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Ultrastructure of Taenia saginata oncospheres cultivated in artificial media.
Oncospheres of Taenia saginata cultivated in Leibovitz's medium on a cell monolayer from calf kidney developed up to 10th day of in vitro cultivation. Fine and often branched microvilli were observedExpand
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Contribution to the pathology of strobilocercosis (Strobilocercus fasciolaris) in the liver of man and some animals.
Tissue reactions with liver strobilocercosis were studied in man, pheasant and muskrat on the basis of histological examination. Microscopical changes in the liver induced by completely developed andExpand
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[Pathologic changes in the lungs of deer spontaneously infected with nematodes from the Protostrongylidae family].
Lungs of 30 animals of the red deer (Cervus elaphus hippelaphus) attacked by parasitic helminths were submitted to a histological examination, and the changes which were caused by the nematodes ofExpand
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Nosematosis in carnivores.
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A Study of the Crystallization Behavior of a New Mold Flux Used in the Casting of Transformation-Induced-Plasticity Steels
Transformation-induced-plasticity (TRIP) steels are one of a new generation of steel grades that are under development for use in automotive products. Because of the addition of significantExpand
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