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Smart packaging systems for food applications: a review
The market for active and intelligent packaging systems is expected to have a promising future by their integration into packaging materials or systems. Expand
Biogenic amines in seafood: a review
The basic concepts of seafood quality and safety in relation to biogenic amines along with its control measures and future areas for research are reviewed. Expand
Comparative Evaluation of Natural Antioxidant Coating and Vacuum-Packaging Technique on Quality Characteristics of Chill Stored Giant Trevally Fillets
ABSTRACT The effect of coating with natural antioxidants like sage and oregano essential oils (EO), and tocopherol on spoilage characteristics of giant trevally fillets was evaluated during chilledExpand
Effect of thermal processing on the biochemical constituents of green mussel (Perna viridis) in Tin-free-steel cans
Even though the samples showed a decrease in amino acid and fatty acid composition after thermal processing, the mussel meat was nutritionally well balanced with respect to essential anino acids and fatty acids, and can be considered as a food source with high quality protein and fat to fulfil consumer’s requirements. Expand
Application of Active Packaging for Enhancing the Shelf life of Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares Bonnaterre, 1788) During Chilled Storage
Yellowfin tuna is one of the commercially important fish species and the quality characteristics of yellowfin tuna were investigated. Yellowfin tuna muscle had 23.18% crude protein and 1.52% crudeExpand
Optimization of Process Parameters for Ready-to-Serve Bread Spread from Blue Swimmer Crab Portunus pelagicus in Tin-Free Steel Cans
The aim of the study was to develop ready-to-serve bread spread from crab meat. Bread spread was processed at 115, 121.1 and 1300C to an F0 value of 6 min. The effect of three different processExpand
Development of ready to drink calcium fortified shrimp soup in retortable pouches
The aim of the study was to develop ready to serve calcium fortified shrimp soup in retortable pouches. Shrimp soup was prepared from Indian white shrimp ( Fenneropenaeus indicus ) and thermalExpand
Development of Ready to Drink Iron Fortified Shrimp Soup in Retortable Pouches
Soup prepared from Indian white shrimp ( Fenneropenaeus indicus ) was fortified with iron (0.024%) by incorporating sodium iron EDTA. The soup was thermal processed at F0 6.0, at three differentExpand