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Effect of Pressure on the Viscosity of Water
AN accurate knowledge of the viscosity of water as a function of pressure is important in the interpretation of the effect of pressure on the electrical conductance of aqueous electrolytes. For thisExpand
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Thermodynamics for chemical engineers
This textbook covers the themodynamics needed by chemical engineers both in their engineering and in their chemistry; it is intended for use in all undergraduate and some graduate-level courses. TheExpand
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Second Law of Thermodynamics
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High-Pressure Technology
The Design and Construction of High Pressure Chemical PlantBy Harold Tongue. Second edition, revised. Pp. xii + 250. (London: Chapman and Hall, Ltd., 1959.) 84s. net.
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The construction, operation and performance of a primary standard mercury column for the measurement of high pressures
The most satisfactory primary pressure gauge for measuring low pressures is the open mercury column, but, for pressures above about 30 b, the practical difficulties caused by the great height of suchExpand
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Review of Some of the Major Engineering Developments in the High-Pressure Polyethylene Process 1933–1983
F. A. Freeth provided the impetus for the research within the Alkali Division of Imperial Chemical Industries which led to the discovery of polyethylene by R. O. Gibson and E. W. Fawcett in MarchExpand
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Physical Chemistry at High Pressures
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  • 1 July 1958
Physico-Chemical Effects of PressureBy Dr. S. D. Hamann. Pp. ix + 246. (London: Butterworths Scientific Publications; New York: Academic Press, Inc., 1957.) 42s.; 8.50 dollars.
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The critical evaluation of compression data for liquids and a revision of the isotherms of mercury
It is shown that Hudleston's equation represents liquid compression data at least as accurately as Tait's equation, and the straight line isotherms obtained are more convenient for the estimation ofExpand
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Mixtures and Solutions
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction, Partial quantities, Chemical potential, The perfect gas mixture, The ideal mixture, Real gas mixtures: the virial expansion, Real gas mixtures:Expand