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A Survey and Evaluation of FPGA High-Level Synthesis Tools
High-level synthesis (HLS) is increasingly popular for the design of high-performance and energy-efficient heterogeneous systems, shortening time-to-market and addressing today's system complexity.Expand
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The MOLEN polymorphic processor
In this paper, we present a polymorphic processor paradigm incorporating both general-purpose and custom computing processing. The proposal incorporates an arbitrary number of programmable units,Expand
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Fast boolean logic mapped on memristor crossbar
As the CMOS technology is gradually scaling down to inherent physical device limits, significant challenges emerge related to scalability, leakage, reliability, etc. Alternative technologies areExpand
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DWARV: Delftworkbench Automated Reconfigurable VHDL Generator
In this paper, we present the DWARV C-to-VHDL generation toolset. The toolset provides support for broad range of application domains. It exploits the operation parallelism, available in theExpand
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2-1 Additions and Related Arithmetic Operations with Threshold Logic
In this paper we investigate the reduction of the size for small depth feed-forward linear threshold networks performing binary addition and related functions. For n bit operands we propose a depth-3Expand
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A Survey of Peer-to-Peer Networks
The limitations of client/server systems become evident in large scale distributed environments. In such systems individual resources are concentrated on one or a small number of nodes and in orderExpand
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Memristor for computing: Myth or reality?
CMOS technology and its sustainable scaling have been the enablers for the design and manufacturing of computer architectures that have been fuelling a wider range of applications. Today, however,Expand
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Heterogeneous hardware/software acceleration of the BWA-MEM DNA alignment algorithm
The fast decrease in cost of DNA sequencing has resulted in an enormous growth in available genome data, and hence led to an increasing demand for fast DNA analysis algorithms used for diagnostics ofExpand
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QX: A high-performance quantum computer simulation platform
Quantum computing is rapidly evolving especially after the discovery of several efficient quantum algorithms solving intractable classical problems such as Shor's factoring algorithm. However theExpand
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A novel fast online placement algorithm on 2D partially reconfigurable devices
In this paper, we propose a new strategy for online placement algorithm on 2D partially reconfigurable devices, termed the Quad-Corner(QC). The main differences between our algorithm and related artExpand
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