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The Physics of Liquid and Solid Helium
Ultrafast magnetization dynamics of nickel has been studied for different degrees of electronic excitation, using pump-probe second-harmonic generation with 150 fs/800 nm laser pulses of variousExpand
Dynamics of excited electrons in copper and ferromagnetic transition metals: Theory and experiment
Both theoretical and experimental results for the dynamics of photoexcited electrons at surfaces of Cu and the ferromagnetic transition metals Fe, Co, and Ni are presented. A model for the dynamicsExpand
Theory for the ultrafast ablation of graphite films.
The physical mechanisms for damage formation in graphite films induced by femtosecond laser pulses are analyzed using a microscopic electronic theory. We describe the nonequilibrium dynamics ofExpand
Simple theory for the electronic and atomic structure of small clusters
A simple theory is presented for various fundamental properties of small clusters. In particular, we calculate the cohesion, the magic numbers, bond contraction, stability of atomic structures, andExpand
Magnetic nanostructures.
  • K. Bennemann
  • Medicine
  • Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an…
  • 2010
Characteristic results of magnetism in small particles, thin films and tunnel junctions are presented. As a consequence of the reduced atomic coordination in small clusters and thin films theExpand
Novel neutron resonance mode in dx2-y2-wave superconductors.
We show that a new resonant magnetic excitation at incommensurate momenta, observed recently by inelastic neutron scattering experiments on YBa2Cu3O6.85 and YBa2Cu3O6.6, is a spin exciton. ItsExpand
Theory for nonlinear Mie-scattering from spherical metal clusters
Using classical electrodynamics we determine the angular dependence of the light intensities radiated in second and third harmonic generation by spherical metal clusters. Forward and backwardExpand