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Making Crime Pay: Law and Order in Contemporary American Politics.
1. Law and Order in Contemporary American Politics 2. Setting the Public Agenda 3. Creating the Crime Issue 4. From Crime to Drugs-and Back Again 5. Crime and Drugs in the News 6. Crime andExpand
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The Politics of Injustice: Crime and Punishment in America
Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Criminal Justice Expansion Explaining the Expansion of the Penal System Outline of the Book Chapter 2. Crime in the United States Crime in Historical PerspectiveExpand
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How Unregulated Is the U.S. Labor Market? The Penal System as a Labor Market Institution1
Comparative research contrasts the corporatist welfare states of Europe with the unregulated U.S. labor market to explain low rates of U.S. unemployment in the 1980s and 1990s. In contrast, thisExpand
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Choosing Cesarean
This article uses the US debate over elective Cesarean section to re-consider some of the more contentious issues raised in feminist debates about childbirth. Three waves of feminist commentary andExpand
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Mapping the shadow carceral state: Toward an institutionally capacious approach to punishment
The expansion of the US carceral state has been accompanied by the emergence of what we call the ‘shadow carceral state’. Operating beyond the confines of criminal law and justice institutions, theExpand
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Dealing with disorder
Over the past two decades, municipal governments across the United States have adopted novel social control techniques including off-limits orders, parks exclusion laws, and other applications ofExpand
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The penology of racial innocence: the erasure of racism in the study and practice of punishment.
In post–civil rights America, the ascendance of “law-and-order” politics and “postracial” ideology have given rise to what we call the penology of racial innocence. The penology of racial innocenceExpand
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Securing the Global City: Crime, Consulting, Risk, and Ratings in the Production of Urban Space
The last decade has witnessed the rise of private transnational institutions that increasingly influence the organization and management of urban space. Two institutions are especially powerful inExpand
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Fetal rights and “crack moms”: pregnant women in the war on drugs
With the spread of crack cocaine to the inner city, the issue of prenatal drug use has assumed a place in the political spotlight. The response to this complex social problem has been primarily aExpand
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Banished: The New Social Control In Urban America
Banished: The New Social Control in Urban America by Katherine Beckett and Steve Herbert examines the way trespass laws have been enacted to authorize law enforcement officers to give people trespassExpand
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