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Evolution of Dioecy in Flowering Plants
Dioecy, characterized by the presence of distinct male and female plants, is widespread in angiosperms, being known in 37 out of Engler & Prantl's 51 orders (132). Yet botanists have paid littleExpand
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Widespread Climate Change in the Himalayas and Associated Changes in Local Ecosystems
Background Climate change in the Himalayas, a biodiversity hotspot, home of many sacred landscapes, and the source of eight largest rivers of Asia, is likely to impact the well-being of ∼20% ofExpand
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  • K. Bawa
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  • Evolution; international journal of organic…
  • 1 March 1974
Little information is available on the breeding systems of tropical forest trees. Yet a knowledge of reproductive methods is essential for an understanding of the patterns of gene flow and geneticExpand
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Reproductive biology of tropical lowland rain forest trees. I: Sexual systems and incompatibility mechanisms
A B S T R A C T Sexual systems of tropical lowland rain forest trees were investigated to estimate the relative proportions of hermaphroditic, monoecious, and dioecious species. ControlledhandExpand
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Local perceptions of climate change validated by scientific evidence in the Himalayas
The Himalayas are assumed to be undergoing rapid climate change, with serious environmental, social and economic consequences for more than two billion people. However, data on the extent of climateExpand
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