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Evolution of Dioecy in Flowering Plants
It is argued that dioecy is not as rare as is generally assumed and in certain regions, among certain life forms, more than one fourth of all species may be dioECious (see below).
Widespread Climate Change in the Himalayas and Associated Changes in Local Ecosystems
This is the first time that large scale climatic and phenological changes at the landscape level have been documented for the Himalayas, confirming that the Himalayan regions are among the regions most vulnerable to climate change.
Reproductive biology of tropical lowland rain forest trees. I: Sexual systems and incompatibility mechanisms
Although a majority of tree species in the rain forest appear to be obligate outcrossers (xenogamons), the potential for inbreeding due to small effective population size still remains to be explored.
Local perceptions of climate change validated by scientific evidence in the Himalayas
Based on local knowledge, perceived changes in climate and consequences of such changes for biodiversity and agriculture in the Himalayas included early budburst and flowering, new agricultural pests and weeds and appearance of mosquitoes.