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Evaluation of ion uptake isotherms and analysis of individual fluxes of ions
SummaryThe dependence of individual ion fluxes at the plasmalemma and at the tonoplast and of the amounts of ions in the cytoplasmic and vacuolar phases on external concentration was investigated
[The kinetics of ion uptake by young and old branches of mnium cuspidatum].
The suggested influence of the active terminal bud of young moss plants on the ion absorption process of cells in the tissue may be related to effects of growth substances on translocation reported in the literature and may point to a direct effect of these regulatory systems on membrane function.
Acid hydrolysis of tris(salicylaldehydato)chromium(III): Kinetics and anion catalysis
Abstract The acid hydrolysis of the title complex [Cr(SA)3] can be described as a sequence of three consecutive steps according to (1) with kI > kII > kIII. The intermediates II and III were