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Imagined Institutions: The Symbolic Power of Formal Rules in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Through a detailed examination of institutional discourses in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, this article demonstrates that formal political institutions may play a more layered role than isExpand
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The State between Minority and Majority Nationalism: Decentralization, Symbolic Recognition, and Secessionist Crises in Spain and Canada
This article addresses the debate about the relative utility of accommodative federalism as a method of conflict management in multinational states. Comparative scholarship on this issue assumes thatExpand
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Fiscal crisis and the Balkanization of Spain: Which way forward?
  • K. Basta
  • Political Science
  • 25 September 2012
European Union is not the only multinational polity whose unity is threatened by the Eurozone crisis. Austerity policies of successive Spanish governments, combined with the perceived lack of fiscalExpand
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Performing Canadian State Nationalism through Federal Symmetry
Abstract In the growing literature on the management of differences in multinational states, institutions (such as territorial autonomy or power-sharing) are typically understood as means throughExpand
In the land of blood and honey, or how Angelina Jolie adopted Bosnia
Angelina Jolie’s In the Land of Blood and Honey, a film about the Bosnian war, is neither particularly good, nor unbearably bad. But you might not know this if you got most of your information aboutExpand
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Concession and Secession: Constitutional Bargaining Failure in Post‐Communist Czechoslovakia
This article explains the dissolution of Czechoslovak federation. It shows that the breakdown in bargaining between Slovakia and the federal center in Prague resulted from the federal institutionalExpand
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