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Broker-based Cross-Cloud Federation Manager
Cloud federation is the next step in creating a new cloud computing ecosystem. The absence of suitable business models for federation managers is hindering the wide deployment of this criticalExpand
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Some Model Transformation Approaches: a Qualitative Critical Review
2 Abstract: Model-to-model transformation is a critical activity in Model Driven Engineering. In this paper, we will classify the exi sting m odel transformation ap proaches and propose a set ofExpand
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Evaluating Non-personalized Single-Heuristic Active Learning Strategies for Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems
In collaborative filtering recommender systems, the users rate items, and this process helps in understanding their preferences. The systems can suffer from the cold-start problem, which refers toExpand
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Attributed Tree Grammars
  • K. Barbar
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 11 October 1993
Abstract This paper develops a notion of attributes on tree grammars. We study the case when graphs of attributes are associated with terminal symbols of tree grammars. An algebraic formalism isExpand
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AQL: A Declarative Artifact Query Language
Business Artifacts have recently emerged as a compelling paradigm to develop data-centric processes, supporting flexible and knowledge intensive business processes. Artifact-centric process models,Expand
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Risk management and security in service-based architectures
Improving security and reducing risks in enterprise information systems rely on analysing threats, risks and vulnerabilities to specify appropriate countermeasures. Risk assessments and informationExpand
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Sampling algorithms in data stream environments
Data streams are large data sets generated continuously and at a fast tempo. Their arrival rate is large compared to the treatment and storage capacities. Thus, these streams cannot be entirelyExpand
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Operator centric mobile cloud architecture
Researchers agree on a basic, general and abstract definition that mobile cloud computing is a combination of mobile and cloud computing. Nevertheless, the location of the computation power is stillExpand
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Unstructured Data Integration Through Automata-Driven Information Extraction
Extracting information from plain text and restructuring them into relational databases raise a challenge as how to locate relevant information and update database records accordingly. In this paper,Expand
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Implementation of abstract interpretation algorithms by means of attribute grammar
  • K. Barbar, K. Musumbu
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 26th Southeastern Symposium on…
  • 20 March 1994
In logic programming, "dixit" Bruygnooghe, the purpose of abstract interpretation is the construction of a finite AND/OR tree and the "computation" of a correct abstract substitution at each node ofExpand
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