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Some heterostrophic gastropods from Triassic St. Cassian Formation with a discussion on the classification of the Allogastropoda
KurzfassungFünfzehn Schneckenarten der Unterklasse Heterostropha werden beschrieben, hiervon 12 neu. Sie werden in ein System der Heterostropha gestellt, welches in weiten Bereichen neuartig ist.
Mathildoidea (Gastropoda, Heterostropha) from the late Triassic St Cassian formation
In the St Cassian fauna of Late Triassic (Early Carnian) age gastropods with protoconch coiled in opposite direction to the teleoconch are common and belong to a number of quite different taxa, and the evolutionary history of the group is discussed.
Lithostratigraphy of the Triassic in Jordan
The Triassic sequence of Jordan east of the Rift-valley consists of an over 1000 m thick sequence of sedimentary rocks. These sediments were deposited near the shore, either under terrestrial
The Radulae of Caribbean and other Mesogastropoda and Neogastropoda
This book presents a meta-anatomy of the fossil record of the “building blocks” of evolution from E.coliacea to Tournaisia and concludes with a discussion of the building blocks of language and its role in the evolution of language.
Jurassic Vampyromorpha (dibranchiate cephalopods)
ral sheil is of mainly organic construction in PLesioteathis and Leptoteu, and shows no remnants of Trachyteathis.
Operculum shape and construction of some fossil Neritimorpha (Gastropoda) compared to those of modern species of the subclass
The calcareous operculum of the Neritimorpha is more often preserved in the fossil record than the operculum of most other Gastropoda that is of purely organic composition. Together with the