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Mathildoidea (Gastropoda, Heterostropha) from the late Triassic St Cassian formation
In the St Cassian fauna of Late Triassic (Early Carnian) age gastropods with protoconch coiled in opposite direction to the teleoconch are common and belong to a number of quite different taxa.Expand
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Typical Triassic Gondwanan floral elements in the Upper Permian of the paleotropics
Permian floras of the Middle East often show a mixture of Euramerican, Cathaysian, and Gondwanan elements. We report several species of Dicroidium , a seed fern typical for the Triassic of Gondwana,Expand
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A Late Permian flora with Dicroidium from the Dead Sea region, Jordan
Abstract Three new species of Dicroidium, D. irnensis, D. jordanensis and D. robustum, are described from the Um Irna Formation (Upper Permian) of the Dead Sea region, Jordan. The plant remains areExpand
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Operculum shape and construction of some fossil Neritimorpha (Gastropoda) compared to those of modern species of the subclass
The calcareous operculum of the Neritimorpha is more often preserved in the fossil record than the operculum of most other Gastropoda that is of purely organic composition. Together with theExpand
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Larval shells and shell microstructures of exceptionally well-preserved late carboniferous gastropods from the buckhorn asphalt deposit (Oklahoma, USA)
AbstractsGastropods from the mid-Pennsylvanian Buckhorn Asphalt Quarry in Oklahoma (U.S.A.) are very well preserved. Commonly, protoconchs and original shell microstructure are present and unaltered.Expand
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Composition and ontogeny ofDictyoconites (aulacocerida, cephalopoda)
KurzfassungDictyoconitesaus der mitteltriassischen Cassian Formation von Cortina d’Ampezzo stellt einen typischen Vertreter der aulacoceraten Coleoiden dar. Hinsichtlich der Embryonalentwicklung undExpand
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Miocene Vetigastropoda and Neritimorpha (Mollusca, Gastropoda) of central Chile
Species of Vetigastropoda (Fissurellidae, Turbinidae, Trochidae) and one species of Neritimorpha (Neritidae) from the Navidad area, south of Valparaiso, and the Arauco Peninsula, south of Concepcion,Expand
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