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Neuropharmacological profile of aqueous extract of Anaphe venata larva (Notondotidae) in rats.
Results showed that these anaphe-induced behavioural effects are mediated via cholinergic, GABAergic, opioidergic and dopaminergic receptor systems with strong muscarinic-cholinergic receptors involvement in ataxia-induced behaviour, and suggest that muscranic-Cholinergic like drugs may be of benefit in the management of patients that present with clinical condition of seasonal ataxIA. Expand
Protective and curative effects of Livolin forte® on carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in Wistar rats
The results of this study indicated that LIV was better as a curative agent rather than a prophylactic agent in rats. Expand
Prophylactic and Curative Assessment of Essentiale Forte® On Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Liver Damage in Wistar Rats
The results of this study showed that Essential forte was better as a curative agent rather than a prophylactic agent in rats. Expand
Attenuation of Gastrointestinal Tract Propulsion in Rats by Zinc Acetate: Investigation into Serotonergic and Dopaminergic Mechanisms
This study evaluated the influence of orally administered zinc acetate on gastrointestinal tract propulsion of rats. It also evaluated the effects of the salt on faecal output and gastrointestinalExpand
Involvement of cholinergic-muscarinic receptor in Anaphe venata -induced stretching-ataxia behavioral effects in rats
Anaphe venata entomophagy has previously been implicated in the aetiopathogenesis of seasonal ataxia in humans and altered motor function in rodents. Thus, we investigated the effect of A. venataExpand
Neuropharmacology of Anaphe Venata-Induced Behavioral Syndrome in Rat
Consumption of the larva of Anaphe venata as a source of protein in human diet has been linked with seasonal ataxia in humans. Previous animal studies indicated that extract of the larva inducedExpand
The pruritogenic effect of Anaphe venata extracts in rats: the role of cholinergic, GABAergic and opioid systems
This study sought to investigate the effect of the crude aqueous and phosphate buffer saline (PBS) extracts of Anaphe venata on body scratching behaviour in rat in a novel environment and also toExpand
Anaphe venata larva extract-induced purposeless chewing in rats: the role of cholinergic, GABAergic and opioid systems.
It is concluded from this study that Anaphe extract-induced purposeless chewing behaviour in rat is mediated via the activation of cholinergic neurotransmission which is modulated by GABAergic and opioid receptor systems. Expand