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Acquaintance and the mind-body problem
In this paper I will lay the groundwork for an account of acquaintance and discuss the consequences of the account for the metaphysics of mind. Acquaintance is a unique epistemological relation thatExpand
In Defense of the Phenomenal Concept Strategy1
Consciousness has resisted attempts to fathom its ultimate nature. My direct aim in this paper is to rebut anti-physicalist arguments; but I also want to raise the possibility that understandingExpand
Conceivability, Possibility, and the Mind-Body Problem
I want to take on the question of what a class of arguments, usually called the Conceivability Arguments, have to say about the mindbody problem. These arguments have two different versions. In oneExpand
TT virus in Hungary: sequence heterogeneity and mixed infections.
The majority of the viral hepatitis cases is caused by five hepatitis viruses (A,B,C,D,E). In 1997, TT virus was discovered. It was supposed that a number of the unknown hepatitis cases was caused byExpand
Relative deficiency in CpG dinucleotides is a widespread but not unique feature of Gammaherpesvirinae genomes.
Since methylcytosine is relatively unstable, a deficiency of CpG dinucleotides and accumulation of mutations that manifest as TpG (and its complement CpA) is a diagnostic feature of higher eukaryoticExpand
Genetic subtypes of HIV type 1 in Hungary.
We examined the diversity of HIV-1 subtypes in 11 adults from Hungary, using the heteroduplex mobility assay (HMA) and DNA sequencing. HMA results showed that HIV-1 gp120 sequences from 10 patientsExpand
[New data for the public health importance of hantaviruses in Hungary].
INTRODUCTION The authors present recent results in the Hungarian hantavirus ecology and epidemiology. Most of the research was done between 1992-2000. AIM To determine the presence and geographicExpand
Illusionism's discontent
Jerry Fodor on non-conceptual content
  • K. Balog
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
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  • 4 July 2009
Proponents of non-conceptual content have recruited it for various philosophical jobs. Expand
Commentary on Frank Jackson's From Metaphysics to Ethics
Frank Jackson's new book From Metaphysics to Ethics is impressive for the grand and coherent vision it offers of the connection between metaphysics and conceptual analysis. The structure of theExpand