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Condorcet. From natural philosophy to social mathematics
  • K. Baker
  • Sociology
  • Medical History
  • 1 November 1974
the donor, the recipient, and the doctors involved, the definitions of death, the uncertainty of recently evolved experimental techniques, and the problem of availability of organs and dialysisExpand
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Inventing the French Revolution
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Reason and Revolution: Political Consciousness and Ideological Invention at the End of the Old Regime
A reviewer of a volume I recently edited on The Political Culture of the Old Regime drew from its papers the conclusion that if the French Revolution is over (in the now-celebrated phrase of FrancoisExpand
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Inventing the French Revolution : essays on French political culture in the eighteenth century
Acknowledgements Introduction 1. On the problem of the ideological origins of the French Revolution Part I. French History at Issue: 2. Memory and practice: politics and the representation of theExpand
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Transformations of Classical Republicanism in Eighteenth‐Century France*
  • K. Baker
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 March 2001
When Louis XVI’s flight to Varennes in 1791 prompted open calls for a republic in revolutionary France, they came from two quite distinct directions. One is best represented by Condorcet and TomExpand
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Memory and Practice: Politics and the Representation of the Past in Eighteenth-Century France
M E M O RY," MICHEL FOUCAULT has argued, "is actually a very important factor in struggle... . If one controls people's memory, one controls their dynamism.... It is vital to have possession of thisExpand
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The Political culture of the old regime
(partial) Introduction. Part I: Absolute Monarchy and its Representations: La monarchie absolue, M Antoine. La monarchie au travail sur elle-meme?, D Richet. The king imagined, R E Giesey. Rangs etExpand
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The early history of the term ‘social science’
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