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Ontology-based situation awareness
The purpose of this paper is to capture the situation theory of Barwise in terms of an OWL ontology, which allows one to express situations in a commonly supported language with computer processable semantics. Expand
A core ontology for situation awareness
An explanation of the meaning of this ontology, its expressiveness and its extensibility are provided, and it is shown how the ontology can be adapted to handle domain-specific situations by readily extending the core language. Expand
Quickly generating billion-record synthetic databases
Several database generation techniques are presented, in terms of generating billion-record SQL databases using C programs running on a shared-nothing computer system consisting of a hundred processors, with a thousand discs. Expand
UML for ontology development
The recent convergence of UML and ontologies is discussed and some possible future directions are suggested. Expand
Extending UML to Support Ontology Engineering for the Semantic Web
A modest extension to the UML infrastructure for one of the most problematic differences is proposed, the DAML concept of property which is a first-class modeling element in DAML, while UML associations are not. Expand
Control theory-based foundations of self-controlling software
The authors' control theory based paradigm gives a framework for specifying and designing software that controls itself as it operates, which can lead to software systems with an impressive capability for responding, adapting, and reconfiguring. Expand
The Open Ontology Repository Initiative : Requirements and Research Challenges
Very large data sets are increasingly common both in science and industry. However, incorporating multiple data types from multiple sources to solve major problems is a significant interoperabilityExpand
Cohen-Macaulay ordered sets
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new kind of partially ordered set: the Cohen-Macaulay poset. It is now known that this concept provides some interesting connections among AlgebraicExpand
Whitney Numbers of Geometric Lattices
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses Whitney numbers of geometric lattices. There is a homology theory on the category of ordered sets such that the Betti numbers of a geometric lattice are theExpand
SAWA: an assistant for higher-level fusion and situation awareness
A Situation Awareness Assistant (SAWA) is described that facilitates the development of user-defined domain knowledge in the form of formal ontologies and rule sets and then permits the application of the domain knowledge to the monitoring of relevant relations as they occur in evolving situations. Expand