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Nonlinear and asymmetric returns on customer satisfaction: do they vary across situations and consumers?
Customer satisfaction is generally acknowledged as a key determinant of the value a customer contributes to a firm. Following the widespread recognition that the relationship is nonlinear and
Being Tough or Being Nice? A Meta-Analysis on the Impact of Hard- and Softline Strategies in Distributive Negotiations
A meta-analysis (34 studies) is reported on the impact of hard- and softline bargaining strategies on economic (135 effect sizes) and socioemotional negotiation outcomes (30 effect sizes) in
Do customized service packages impede value capture in industrial markets?
Capturing the value of industrial services is an issue of growing concern as services increasingly define manufacturing companies’ competitive market positions. In business markets, suppliers often
When East meets West at the bargaining table: adaptation, behavior and outcomes in intra- and intercultural German–Chinese business negotiations
This study analyzes how negotiators from Germany and China deal with a foreign opponent compared to a compatriot. Hypotheses about negotiation behavior and behavioral adaptation are derived from
The Impact of Critical Incidents on Customer Satisfaction in Business-to-Business Relationships
ABSTRACT The few existing studies of satisfaction measurement in business-to-business markets focus on attribute-based approaches and neglect the relevance of critical incidents in relationships.
Business-to-Business Marketing Textbooks: A Comparative Review
ABSTRACT Even in times of e-learning and multimedia, textbooks play a great part in business marketing education. For this reason and in order to help instructors select the appropriate textbook for