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Quantitative relationship between oral nitrate-reducing activity and the endogenous formation of N-nitrosoamino acids in humans.
Salivary nitrate and nitrate concentrations, in vitro kinetics of nitrate reduction in saliva, and numbers of salivary nitrate-reducing micro-organisms were each compared with N-nitrosoamino acidExpand
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Investigations into the antibiotic activity of tea fungus/kombucha beverage
Tea fungus/kombucha, an acetic acid flavoured fermented tea beverage, is widely consumed in various parts of the world and has more recently become a fad in the United States. This is due in part toExpand
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Induction of nitric oxide synthesis in murine macrophages by Helicobacter pylori.
Intact Helicobacter pylori cells, as well as cellular components, stimulated nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in an in vitro murine macrophage system by the L-arginine-nitric oxide pathway.Expand
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Gastric nitrate reduction and nitrosation of trimethylurea in swine treated with pentagastrin or cimetidine.
Swine were treated with cimetidine in order to quantify the reduction of nitrate to nitrite and the gastric formation of N-nitrosotrimethylurea (NTMU) under conditions similar to those in theExpand
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Analytical Method for Routine Quantitative Analysis of Plant Stanols in Stanol Ester Spread
Clinical studies on foods containing plant stanol ester repeatedly demonstrate 10-14% reduction in serum LDL-cholesterol. Since plant stanols are the agents responsible for the cholesterol-loweringExpand
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