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Energy Comes Together in Denmark: The Key to a Future Fossil-Free Danish Power System
The transition of the Danish energy system to a system based only on renewable energy in 2050 carries many challenges. For Denmark to become independent of fossil energy sources, wind power and
Statistical 2D and 3D Shape Analysis Using Non-euclidean Metrics
The adaptation of data driven methods for non-Euclidean metric decomposition of tangent space shape coordinates to take into account the noise variance at different landmarks and at different shapes is shown.
Shape Modelling Using Markov Random Field Restoration of Point Correspondences
The new approach leads to a generative model that produces highly homogeneous polygonized shapes and improves the capability of reconstruction of the training data and to an overall reduction in the total variance of the point distribution model.
Control of Electricity Loads in Future Electric Energy Systems
Traditionally, electricity power production has been adjusted to balance the time-varying electricity load. However, a transition to a system based on an increasing, fluctuating, and nondispatchable
Growth modeling of human mandibles using non-Euclidean metrics
Statistical shape analysis using non-Euclidean metrics
A Noise Robust Statistical Texture Model
A novel approach to the problem of obtaining a low dimensional representation of texture (pixel intensity) variation present in a training set after alignment using a Generalised Procrustes analysis, which results in a more compact model maximising the signal-to-noise ratio.
Markov random field restoration of point correspondences for active shape modeling
The novelty in this paper is the use and extension of a Markov random field regularisation of the correspondence field of the Markov Random Field on a set of human ear canals extracted from 3D-laser scans.
Active Shape Analysis of Mandibular Growth
Canonical Correlations Analysis is extended to analyse 3D landmarks and the correlations are used as similarity measures for landmark clustering and a novel Active Shape Model is proposed targeting growth modelling by applying Partial Least Squares regression in decomposing the Procrustes tangent space.