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Blood and plasma volumes determined by carbon monoxide gas, 99mTc-labelled erythrocytes, 125I-albumin and the T 1824 technique.
The total amount of circulating haemoglobin was measured in 12 subjects using a direct carbon monoxide (CO)-technique and the plasma volumes calculated from the blood volumes determined by the erythrocyte-labelling methods were 5-10% lower than those measured with labelled albumin.
Respiration and State of Wakefulness in Normals, Studied by Spirography, Capnography and EEG: A preliminary report
Bulow K. and D. H. Ingvar. Respiration and state of wakefulness. studied by spirography, capnography and EEG. In sixteen normal subjects the relation between the state of wakefulness and the
Changes in volume of trapped gas in the lungs during provoked asthma followed by beta-2 receptor stimulation.
VTG was found to be more specific and sensitive for demonstrating early bronchospasm than changes in FEV1, VC or nitrogen washout and relieved all symptoms of bronchSpasm.
Bronchial reactivity, smoking, and alpha1-antitrypsin. A population-based study of middle-aged men.
It is concluded that heterozygous alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency (Pi-MZ) does not increase bronchial reactivity and that smoking does.
Preoperative determination of the dumping disposition by a respiratory parameter.
A method for determination of the standard threshold of the ventilatory response to carbon dioxide (sTCO2) was applied in 55 patients with peptic ulcer prior to gastric resection and the severity of the dumping symptoms seemed to depend not only on the magnitude of the threshold value but also on the type of operation.
Respiration and electroencephalography in narcolepsy
The very sudden and rapid development of changes characteristic of drowsiness and sleep during the frequent narcoleptic attacks suggests, however, the presence of a neuronal defect in centers of the brain stem which regulate both the cortical state of excitability and the respiration.
Respiration in petit mal epilepsy
The findings suggest an intimate functional relationship between the respiratory centers of the brain stem and those which regulate the state of wakefulness, the latter commonly referred to as the reticular system of thebrain stem.
Plasma theophylline level and ventilatory function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease during prolonged oral treatment with choline theophyllinate
The results provide a rational basis for determination of an optimal dose schedule for oral treatment with choline theophyllinate to reduce the symptoms of obstructive bronchial disease.