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The Worldwide Variation in Avian Clutch Size across Species and Space
Traits such as clutch size vary markedly across species and environmental gradients but have usually been investigated from either a comparative or a geographic perspective, respectively. We analyzedExpand
Determinants of avian species richness at different spatial scales
Studies of factors influencing avian biodiversity yield very different results depending on the spatial scale at which species richness is calculated. Ecological studies at small spatial scales (plotExpand
We studied the dispersal system of the tree Commiphora guillaumini (Burseraceae) in a dry deciduous forest of western Madagascar by measuring tree visitation, fruit consumption, and seed dispersalExpand
Range Size: Disentangling Current Traits and Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Factors
The range size of a species can be determined by its current traits and by phylogenetic and biogeographic factors. However, only rarely have these factors been studied in combination. We use data onExpand
Effects of climate and land-use change on species abundance in a Central European bird community.
Although it is known that changes in land use and climate have an impact on ecological communities, it is unclear which of these factors is currently most important. We sought to determine theExpand
Global variation in thermal tolerances and vulnerability of endotherms to climate change
The relationships among species' physiological capacities and the geographical variation of ambient climate are of key importance to understanding the distribution of life on the Earth. Furthermore,Expand
A comparison of morphological and chemical fruit traits between two sites with different frugivore assemblages
Large-scale comparisons might reveal matching between fruit traits and frugivore assemblages that might be cryptic on a local scale. Therefore, we compared morphological (colour, size, huskExpand
Evolution of avian clutch size along latitudinal gradients: do seasonality, nest predation or breeding season length matter?
Birds display a latitudinal gradient in clutch size with smaller clutches in the tropics and larger in the temperate region. Three factors have been proposed to affect this pattern: seasonality ofExpand
High Bird Species Diversity in Structurally Heterogeneous Farmland in Western Kenya
Tropical ecosystems are globally important for bird diversity. In many tropical regions, land-use intensification has caused conversion of natural forests into human-modified habitats, such asExpand
Spatial patterns of woody plant and bird diversity: functional relationships or environmental effects?
Aim  To understand cross-taxon spatial congruence patterns of bird and woody plant species richness. In particular, to test the relative roles of functional relationships between birds and woodyExpand