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Studies on the bottom animals of Esrom lake
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The respiration of some animals from the Profundal Zone of a lake
Summary1.The oxygen consumption of some profundal and other muddwelling animals was studied in relation to varying periods of starvation, varying temperatures and varying oxygen content of the water.Expand
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The Respiration of Freshwater Snails
1. The oxygen consumption of some Danish freshwater snails was studied in relation to varying periods of starvation, varying temperatures, weight of animals and oxygen content of the water. TheExpand
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The problem of respiratory acclimatization
  • K. Bérg
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  • Hydrobiologia
  • 1 December 1953
Summary1.In 1916 August Krogh called attention to the fact that related species, or animals belonging to the same species, sometimes inhabit localities with extremely different temperatures. In suchExpand
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Oxygen consumption of profundal lake animals at low oxygen content of the water
SummaryThe oxygen consumption of some species from the profundal zone of the eutrophic Esrom lake was found at a low oxygen content (about 0.6 ml per litre) of the water. The results are shown inExpand
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1. The two series of observations on Cladocera showing (a) that a state of depression produced by unfavourable external conditions in Daphnia females kept in cultures causes a change fromExpand
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On the oxygen consumption of ancylidae (Gastropoda) from an ecological point of view
Summary1.For several arthropods previous authors have found that stream species use more oxygen than stagnant water species. This is not the case with Ancylus fluviatilis, a stream snail, andExpand
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Seasonal and Experimental Variations of the Oxygen Consumption of the Limpet Ancylus Fluviatilis (O. F. Müller)
1. A seasonal variation of the oxygen consumption of the limpet Ancylus fluviatilis occurs in populations both from a lake and from a stream. In spring and early summer the oxygen consumption isExpand
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