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Eclipsing loss and HPRF selection for airborne radar
Radar operating in High pulse repetition frequency (HPRF) suffers eclipsing loss because of high duty cycle. Multi PRF systems are able to reduce eclipsing loss but proper selections of PRF's areExpand
Ka-Band Polarimetric Doppler Radar for Profiling of Low Level Clouds at Mumbai During Monsoon Season
Cloud microphysical study is one of the important physical processes that impact predictability of the NWP models. Qualitative observations of these cloud microphysical properties can be obtainedExpand
Monsoon cloud observations using a low power vertical looking Ka Band Cloud radar
A low power zenith looking Ka Band dual polarization Cloud Radar is designed and fabricated by Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and research (SAMEER) to study the clouds duringExpand
Indigenous development of ka-band radar for cloud profiling in India
This paper gives the detail description of the system and few test results of the sub-sysytems of the SAMEER ka-band cloud prifiling radar system. Expand
Waveform generator for RADAR using FPGA
This paper presents a design of waveform generator, in which Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR) waveforms are generated using Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer (DDFS) technology and implementedExpand
Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Radar Simulator
The research presents design and performance verification of a high-speed programmable pulse generator based on an integrated Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS). The generator can produce pulses withExpand
Design of Multi-PLL Board Using ARM7 Controller
This paper presents the design of Multi-Phase Locked Loop (PLL) board which aims to provide different high frequency oscillator signals ranging from 960 MHz to 1.33 GHz to achieve stability at the output and the reduction of on-board interference thereby improving its usefulness in practical applications. Expand
Two-channel reconfigurable digital receiver for cloud radar applications
A Two-Channel Digital receiver has been proposed which follows bandpass sampling and the DDC in the digital receiver performs frequency translation and gives programmable decimation factor. Expand
Design of a Timing Signal Generator (TSG) for RADAR Using FPGA
The paper discusses the application of VLSI technology to implement the functions of TSG of a radar system using VHDL with behavioral model, as the HDL and targeting it to a FPGA. The TSG is theExpand
RF exciter subsystem of Ka-band cloud profiling radar
The radio frequency (RF) exciter configuration briefed in the system description of the Ka-band cloud profiling radar, which is being indigenously developed at Society for Applied MicrowaveExpand