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Mechanical modeling of a beating heart for a cardiac palpation training system
The training system for a cardiac palpation system consists of a virtual heart based on human left ventricular magnetic resonance images and a one-dimensional manipulator as a haptic device that enables users to feel the elasticity of the cardiac muscle wall through the manipulator in real-time.
How can a robot have consciousness?
Modification of CBA will be necessary to better explain the emergence of self in terms of the relationship between consciousness and behavior, and some of the intentionality, anticipation, feedback process, embodiment and emotionality.
Reconfigurable fault tolerant avionics system
The design of a reconfigurable avionics system based on modern Static Random Access Memory-based Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to be used in future generations of nano satellites and helps in reducing the average dynamic power consumption of the system to one-third of its maximum.
Methods of Modeling and Assisting Causal Understanding in Physical Systems
This paper presents methods for modeling and assisting students’ understanding about causalities between physical quantities based on comparative reasoning. Our tutoring system discusses causalities
FPGA Implementation of Image Processing for Real-Time Robot Vision System
The integrated robot vision system aims to achieve a suitable platform available from both hardware and software and presents spatial recognition by edge detection and tracking function of moving objects by determining color which are necessary for autonomous mobile robots.
Mode of inhibition of the electron transport system by phenylhydrazine.
  • K. Asami
  • Biology, Medicine
    Journal of biochemistry
  • 1 April 1968
Hexapod with integrated limb mechanism of leg and arm
A six-bar linkage mechanism with four degrees-of-freedom is introduced as an example of the integrated limb mechanism with both advantages for leg sand for arms and the possibility of dual arms or triple arm work.
Basic study on active magnetic bearing working in liquid nitrogen and its application to cryogenic pump
This paper discusses an active magnetic bearing (AMB) able to work in liquid nitrogen, which is composed of a stator with four electromagnets (EMs), a rotor, displacement sensors, a permanent magnet