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Immunohistological analysis of CD1a+ langerhans cells and CD57+ natural killer cells in healthy and diseased human gingival tissue: A comparative study
The study showed an inverse relationship between the CD1a+ (langerhans) cells and CD57+ (natural killer) cells, which could possibly be a result of NK cells down regulating it in periodontal disease. Expand
Root coverage in class I gingival recession defects, combining rotated papillary pedicle graft and coronally repositioned flap, using a micro surgical approach: A clinical evaluation
The use of magnification in mucogingival surgery resulted in achieving a high degree of success and predictability as well as an excellent esthetic outcome. Expand
Studies on dry sliding wear behaviour of Graphite filled glass–epoxy composites
Abstract Polymers and their composites are emerging as viable alternative products to metal-based and alloy-based ones in many common and advanced engineering applications. The feature that makesExpand
Damage characterisation of glass/textile fabric polymer hybrid composites in sea water environment
The results of the experimental analysis carried out on the glass/textile fabric reinforced hybrid composites under normal condition and sea water environments have been reported. The critical stressExpand
Differential expression of E-cadherin and cytokeratin 19 and net proliferative rate of gingival keratinocytes in oral epithelium in periodontal health and disease.
OGE appears to undergo significant changes in proliferation and differentiation during pocket formation that do not seem to be restricted to proteolytic destruction by the invading microorganisms. Expand
Osteoblast response (initial adhesion and alkaline phosphatase activity) following exposure to a barrier membrane/enamel matrix derivative combination.
The osteoblast adhesion to collagen barriers showed a statistically insignificant reduction following the addition of EMD, and there was no additive effect on osteoblastic adhesion/ALP activity following exposure to an EMD/polymer combination. Expand
Lymphocyte subpopulation in healthy and diseased gingival tissue
Differences in the relative proportions of B- and T-cells may reflect a difference in the immunopathology of periodontitis and gingivitis lesions. Expand
Evaluation of estrogen receptor and circulating estradiol levels in pre- and postmenopausal women with periodontal disease.
There was significantly reduced expression of ERs in the gingiva of subjects with chronic periodontitis when compared to those with healthy periodontium in the postmenopausal group. Expand
Osteoblast response to commercially available demineralized bone matrices--an in-vitro study.
Both Osseograft and Grafton are capable of inducing osteoblastic proliferation and differentiation following exposure to demineralized bone matrices. Expand
Retrograde peri-implantitis
Three of four cases of (the implant placed developing to) retrograde peri-implantitis were successfully restored to their fully functional state while one was lost due to extensive damage. Expand