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Use of group-specific antibodies to detect fecal progesterone metabolites during the estrous cycle of cows
To improve the methodology of noninvasive fecal progesterone metabolite analysis, enzymeimmunoassays (EIA) using group-specific antibodies against 5-reduced 20-oxo-pregnane-C3-conjugates were developed. Expand
Anovulatory ovarian cycles in dogs.
  • K. Arbeiter
  • Medicine
  • Journal of reproduction and fertility. Supplement
  • 1993
It is suggested that reliable identification of mating time in female dogs requires monitoring of rising progesterone concentrations up to at least 32.0 nmol l-1. Expand
Effects on pseudopregnancy, pregnancy and interoestrous intervals of pharmacological suppression of prolactin secretion in female dogs and cats.
Dose-response studies in nursing bitches revealed that a dose of 5 micrograms/kg/day orally (for 5 days) was the optimal dose with a minimum of side effects, and effectively lowered blood prolactin concentrations in pregnant bitches, and pregnancies were terminated in the 2nd half of pregnancy in the bitch, and in the queen. Expand
Observations on the use of progesterone intravaginally and of deslorelin STI in acyclic mares for induction of ovulation
In this clinical study, 29 acyclic mares with inactive ovaries were treated with an intravaginal device containing 1.9 g progesterone (CIDR-B) for 10 to 12 days and half of the mares treated during AS with CIDr-B only, and not with deslorelin ovulated; in all other of those mares, the preovulatory-size follicle regressed eventually. Expand
Induction of abortion in queens by administration of cabergoline (Galastop) solely or in combination with the PGF2alpha analogue Alfaprostol (Gabbrostim).
Pregnancies were successfully terminated in the second trimester of feline pregnancy by daily application of cabergoline solely or combined with the PGF2alpha analogue alfaprostol (given every other day). Expand
[Alfaprostol for the induction of ovulation during estrus in the mare (2)].
[Indirect detection of ovulation and fertilization in the dog by progesterone level testing].
It was found that a P4-concentration of 5 ng/ml plasma and above is signaling ovulation or ova fertilisation; a sudden rise of the progesterone over 10 ng (Ovucheck) turned out to be a diagnostic mark for determination of mating time. Expand
Treatment of pseudopregnancy in the bitch with cabergoline, an ergoline derivative
Cabergoline, a new prolactin inhibitor, was evaluated clinically in 143 bitches with pseudopregnancy and, or, false lactation, 14 cases of lactation after ovariohysterectomy for the removal of deadExpand