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Prescription and Nonprescription Analgesic Use in Sweden
OBJECTIVE: To analyze patterns of prescription and nonprescription analgesic use in the general Swedish population, in association with predisposing factors, enabling factors, need, and healthExpand
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Use of analgesics in Sweden--the importance of sociodemographic factors, physical fitness, health and health-related factors, and working conditions.
In this study, factors related to analgesic use-independent of their association with pain-were studied in the general Swedish population. These included sociodemographics, health and health-relatedExpand
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Headache in Sweden: The Importance of Working Conditions
Headache is a common health problem that causes individual suffering as well as public expense. Because epidemiological studies have shown that headache is most prevalent among persons younger thanExpand
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Headache and Analgesic Use in Sweden
In this study, patterns of analgesic use among persons with headache in the general Swedish population were analyzed in association with health factors, health care utilization, sociodemographicExpand
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Long-Term Use of Neuroleptics among Elderly in a Swedish Community
OBJECTIVE: Analysis of long-term use of neuroleptics among the elderly in a Swedish community. DESIGN: Cohort study, three-year follow-up period. SETTING: Primary care. PATIENTS: All people aged 65Expand
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