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Are All Dads Equal? Biology versus Marriage as a Basis for Paternal Investment
The stepfather relationship provides a source of potential conflict in remarriage families, because the mother and partner may have different interests in the well-being of children from a priorExpand
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Causes and consequences of schooling outcomes in South Africa: Evidence from survey data
This paper provides an overview of evidence on education in South Africa provided by household survey data, with a particular focus on large national surveys such as the 1993 South African LivingExpand
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Evolutionary approach to below replacement fertility
The large human brain, the long period of juvenile dependence, long life span, and male support of reproduction are the co‐evolutionary result of the human niche based on skill‐intensive techniquesExpand
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Paternal Care by Genetic Fathers and Stepfathers II: Reports by Xhosa High School Students
Abstract In this article we present a biosocial model of human male parental care that allows relationship (mating) effort to influence male parental allocations. The model recognizes four classes ofExpand
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HIV risk perceptions and first sexual intercourse among youth in Cape Town South Africa.
CONTEXT HIV prevalence is high among South African youth. Health behavior models posit that the perceived level of risk of HIV infection is associated with the level of HIV risk behavior; however,Expand
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Race and The Educational Expectations of Parents and Children: The Case of South Africa
South Africa, a country that is highly stratified by race, is an important location for studying the relationship between race and educational expectations. Using a longitudinal data set, we examineExpand
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Fatherhood: Evolution and Human Paternal Behavior
* Preface * Introduction * Our Founding Fathers * A World of Diversity: Cross-Cultural Variation in Paternal Care * Men and Marriage * Fathers and Fertility * Who's the Dad? * Father Involvement,Expand
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Paternal Care by Genetic Fathers and Stepfathers I: Reports from Albuquerque Men
Abstract We present a biosocial model of human male parental care that allows male parental allocations to be influenced not only by changes in the fitness (welfare) of the recipient offspring, butExpand
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Demographic correlates of paternity confidence and pregnancy outcomes among Albuquerque men.
We examine the demographic correlates of paternity confidence, or men's assessment of the likelihood that they are the genetic father of a particular child. Evolutionary theory predicts that men willExpand
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