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Biodiversity and biogeography of the islands of the Kuril Archipelago
Aim Based on seven consecutive seasons of biotic survey and inventory of the terrestrial and freshwater plants and animals of the 30 major islands of the Kuril Archipelago, a description of theExpand
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Fishes of Indian Ocean
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Phylogeographic relationships within the Mediterranean turbot inferred by mitochondrial DNA haplotype variation
The Mediterranean turbot Psetta maxima consists of two main genetically distinct lineages (western Mediterranean and ‘eastern secluded Mediterranean’ basins) as investigated by mitochondrial DNAExpand
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Description of a juvenile specimen of a rarely-caught, deep-sea species ofSamariscus (Pleuronectiformes, Samaridae) from Sala y Gomez Submarine Ridge, eastern Pacific Ocean
T he ichthyofauna of the Nazca and Sala y Gomez Submarine Ridges is characterized by Indo-West Pacific species, although the area is geographically regarded as part of the eastern Pacific OceanExpand
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Review of the genus Syacium (Paralichthyidae) with the description of a new species from Ecuador and Columbia
Some two hundred and sixty male, female and juvenile specimens of the genus Syacium from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of tropical America, and the Atlantic coast of Africa were examinedExpand
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