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[The correlation of liver mitochondrial respiration in mammals and reptiles at different temperatures].
In the experiments with isolated mitochondria in vitro (25 degrees C) it was shown that the respiration rate in mice was 3-5 times higher compared with agamas; in this case both animal speciesExpand
The respiration of rat cardiocyties while oxidizing different substrates was studied polarographically to quantify rates of coupled and noncoupled respiration at 37 0 C in incubation medium.Expand
Endothermy of organisms and subcellular mechanisms of thermogenesis
It is generally known that mammals and birds are warm-blooded, and they are able to maintain such a state is not only in comfort, but in low and high temperature conditions. These circumstances, inExpand
[The spatial distribution of mitochondrial respiration and oxidative phosphorylation along the small intestine in rats of different ages].
In old rats, the highest rate of oxygen consumption was revealed in the mitochondria of the medial part, the lower one--in the proximal part, and the lowest level was found in the duodenum and in distal part of the small intestine. Expand
[The functional characteristics of the pancreatic mitochondria].
[The isolation of mitochondria fron different sections of the small intestine and their functional characteristics].
The intensity of substrate oxidation, activity of multienzyme systems of respiratory chains, and the ATP formation velocity are considerably lower in the distal part of the small intestine than in the proximal and medial ones. Expand