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A Conscious and Inclusive Family Studies
I argue that family scholars must take bolder steps to engage the tensions between our heritage of positivist science and its postmodern challenges. I also argue that constructing theories, utilizingExpand
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The Life Course Perspective Applied to Families Over Time
One of the enduring puzzles in the life sciences is the description and explanation of change over time. Such change is frequently called “development,” and the metaphors of growth and decline, gainExpand
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Opening the Classroom Closet: Sexual Orientation and Self-Disclosure
In this article, I address two topics that are relevant to family pedagogy: sexual orientation and self-disclosure. I use my teaching experience to demonstrate how content and strategy--in this case,Expand
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Ambiguous Loss After Lesbian Couples With Children Break Up: A Case for Same‐Gender Divorce
Abstract: The theory of ambiguous loss is applied to structural ambiguity and personal transcendence in the parent-child relationship following a same-gender relational ending. Working recursivelyExpand
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The Families of Lesbians and Gay Men: A New Frontier in Family Research
To examine the extent to which the family relations of lesbians and gay men are integrated into the family literature, we reviewed over 8,000 articles published between 1980 and 1993 in nine journalsExpand
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Improving Campus Climate to Support Faculty Diversity and Retention: A Pilot Program for New Faculty
We report on a series of pilot programs that we developed and carried out to support the success and satisfaction of new faculty, particularly faculty of color. We hope that others committed toExpand
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Communicating Qualitative Research: Some Practical Guideposts for Scholars
The purpose of this article is to provide guidance to scholars regarding key aspects of writing qualitative manuscripts. The aim is to offer practical suggestions as opposed to examiningExpand
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Ethical and Epistemological Tensions in Applying A Postmodern Perspective to Feminist Research
We examine tensions that arise in applying postmodernism to feminist research. First, we consider epistemological tensions generated in the process of deconstructing existing knowledge andExpand
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Feminists and the ideology and practice of marital equality
In her 1972 book, The Future of Marriage, and again in the second edition (1982), Bernard concluded that the future viability of marriage will depend upon "upgrading" marriage for women. AfterExpand
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The ethic of care: leisure possibilities and constraints for women.
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide a review and an interpretive framework for examining the “ethic of care” (i.e., the activity of relationships) as it offers possibilities andExpand
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