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Comparison of dolomite decomposition kinetics with related carbonates and the effect of procedural variables on its kinetic parameters
The three naturally occurring available carbonates in northwest Ohio are magnesite, calcite and dolomite. Dolomite is a double carbonate containing calcium and magnesium carbonate in equimolarExpand
The origin of the exothermic peak in the thermal decomposition of basic magnesium carbonate
Abstract The thermal analysis of basic magnesium carbonate has been investigated by thermogravimetry (TGA), derivative thermogravimetry (DTGA) and differential thermal analysis (DTA). The end productExpand
Study of interaction between ibuprofen and nicotinamide using differential scanning calorimetry, spectroscopy, and microscopy and formulation of a fast-acting and possibly better ibuprofen suspension
Solid-state interaction between ibuprofen and nicotinamide was studied using thermal, spectroscopic, and microscopic techniques. Solubility enhancement was calculated by high-performance liquidExpand
The kinetic interpretation of the decomposition of calcium carbonate by use of relationships other than the Arrhenius equation
Abstract The kinetic parameters needed to describe the decomposition of calcium carbonate are obtained by a method which avoids the direct use of the Arrhenius parameters, the pre-exponential term AExpand
Isolation and identification of the intermediate and final products in the thermal decomposition of dolomite in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide
Extensive studies have been done on the behavior of dolomite when subjected to a rising temperature program. In this study a literature survey was prepared related to the thermal decomposition ofExpand
Characterization of some essential oils and their key components: Thermoanalytical techniques
The present study was aimed at determining the kinetics of evaporation and establishing vapor pressure curves for both single and multi-component systems by thermogravimetry (TG) and differentialExpand
Characterization of polymeric dispersions of dimenhydrinate in ethyl cellulose for controlled release.
Granulations of dimenhydrinate (DMH) were prepared using various concentrations of ethyl cellulose (EC) by the solid dispersion technique. Characterization was done using thermal analysis, powderExpand
An overview of calibration materials used in thermal analysis—benzoic acid
There are a number of substances used to calibrate various instruments with benzoic acid being an IUPAC recommended calibration material. It has gained recognition as a reference material because itExpand
Stability of acetazolamide in suspension compounded from tablets.
The stability of acetazolamide in an extemporaneous suspension compounded from tablets was studied. Acetazolamide 25-mg/mL suspension was prepared by levigating the comminuted 250-mg tablets with 70%Expand
Thermal analysis of ground dolomite, confirmation of results using an X-ray powder diffraction methodology
Abstract Grinding is one of the most widely used unit processes in industry. The application of grinding to the pharmaceutical industry is investigated in detail. The process of grinding finds wideExpand