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Substrate and bond coat compositions: factors affecting alumina scale adhesion
Abstract Thermally grown oxide scales that form beneath ZrO 2 top coats play an important role in determining the performance of thermal barrier coatings. Numerous factors, including the compositionExpand
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Influence of ZrO2 Grain Size and Content on the Transformation Response in the Al2O3─ZrO2 (12 mol% CeO2) System
Based on experimental and modeling studies, the rate of increase in the martensite start temperature M[sub s] for the tetragonal-to-monoclinic transformation with increase in zirconia grain size isExpand
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Neutron Diffraction Measurements of the Residual Stresses in Al2O3-ZrO2 (CeO2) Ceramic Composites
High-resolution neutron powder diffraction was used to study the residual stresses in Al2O3-ZrO2 (12 mol% CeO2) ceramic composites containing 10, 20, and 40 vol% ZrO2 (CeO2). The diffraction dataExpand
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Microstructural Design of Silicon Nitride with Improved Fracture Toughness: I, Effects of Grain Shape and Size
The use of self-reinforcement by larger elongated grains in silicon nitride ceramics requires judicious control of the microstructure to achieve high steady-state toughness and high fractureExpand
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Microstructural Design of Silicon Nitride with Improved Fracture Toughness: II, Effects of Yttria and Alumina Additives
Significant improvements in the fracture resistance of self-reinforced silicon nitride ceramics have been obtained by tailoring the chemistry of the intergranular amorphous phase. First, the overallExpand
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Grain Boundary Segregation of Cation Dopants in α ‐ Al2 O 3 Scales
A fe-20 atom % Cr-10% Al matrix was dispersed with a wide range of oxide particulates in order to study the effect of oxygen-active dopants on high-temperature oxidation performance and alumina scaleExpand
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Grain Growth Kinetics in Alumina–Zirconia (CeZTA) Composites
Grain growth kinetics in alumina-rich, zirconia-alumina composites have been examined as a function of volume fraction of zirconia. Both the microstructural scale and character alter during grainExpand
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In‐situ SEM observation of the fracture behaviour of titanium carbide/nickel aluminide composites
A range of experimental titanium carbide (TiC)/nickel aluminide (Ni3Al) composites have been developed. The Ni3Al content has been varied from 15 to 40 vol.%, for two different alloy compositions.Expand
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The isothermal and cyclic oxidation behavior of PtAl and PtAl+Zr was studied followed by postoxidation microstructural and microchemical analyses. Their isothermal oxidation performance at 1200Expand
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Some effects of metallic substrate composition on degradation of thermal barrier coatings
Comparisons have been made in laboratory isothermal and cyclic oxidation tests of the degradation of oxide scales grown on single crystal superalloy substrates and bond coating alloys intended forExpand
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