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Effect of folic acid supplementation on oxidative gastric mucosa damage and acid secretory response in the rat
Objective: This study investigated the antioxidative and antisecretory properties of folic acid in the rats’ stomach. Materials and Methods: Male Wistar rats were treated with 2 mg/kg diet of folicExpand
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Augmentation of gastric acid secretion by chloroquine and amodiaquine in the rat stomach.
Gastrointestinal mucosal integrity has been shown to be altered by chloroquine and amodiaquine, although the exact mechanism is not clear. Since Gastric Acid Secretion (GAS) plays significant role inExpand
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Attitude of HIV patients to herbal remedy for HIV infection in Nigeria.
World Health Organisation estimated that about 80% of Africans use herbal remedies for illness. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection which was believed to have no cure led many HIV patientsExpand
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Microanatomical Effect of ethanolic extract of Garcinia kola on the lung of Swiss albino mice
Aims and Objectives: To histologically evaluate the possible effect of ethanolic extract of Garcinia kola seeds on the lung tissue in Swiss albino mice. Methodology: Garcinia kola seeds were cut inExpand
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Acute effects of aqueous leaf extract of Aspilia africana C.D. Adams on some haematological parameters in rats.
Several medicinal plants have been documented for their haematological effects either at low or high concentration but very little is known about Aspilia africana. The aim of the study was toExpand
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Effects of amodiaquine hydrochloride and artemisinin on indomethacin-induced lipid peroxidation in rats.
In this study, the effects of two antimalarials-amodiaquine hydrochloride and artemisinin were investigated in ulcerated albino rats of Wistar strain. Rats were treated with amodiaquine (30 mgExpand
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Histological Investigation of the Effects of Croton zambesicus on the Liver of Swiss albino mice
Histological effects of Croton zambesicus (C. zambesicus) traditionally used as antimalaria therapy was studied on the liver of Swiss albino mice. Mice of male sex (n=15), were randomly assigned intoExpand
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The dual modulatory effect of folic acid supplementation on indomethacin-induced gastropathy in the rat.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Folic acid modulates several disorders in humans. We investigated the effects of folic acid supplementation at varying doses on ulcer formation in the rat. MATERIALS AND METHODSExpand
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