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Therapeutic actions of garlic constituents
  • K. Agarwal
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  • 1 January 1996
The epidemiological, clinical, and laboratory data have proved that garlic contains many biologically and pharmacologically important compounds, which are beneficial to human health from cardiovascular, neoplastic, and several other diseases. Expand
Guanylate kinases from human erythrocytes, hog brain, and rat liver.
The purified guanylate kinases from the sources that are given in the chapter, were found stable for several years when stored below 0° in the presence of 70% saturated ammonium sulfate. Expand
[72] Purine nucleoside phosphorylase from human erythrocytes
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the purification procedure of purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNPase) enzyme from human erythrocytes. PNPase is crystallized from human erythrocytes, whereExpand
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase from human erythrocytes.
The commercially available bovine spleen purine nucleoside phosphorylase was compared with human erythrocytic enzyme, and in contrast to the behavior of the human enzyme, the spleen enzyme did not display the phenomena of substrate activation at high concentrations of inosine. Expand
Pathways of nucleotide metabolism in Schistosoma mansoni. 3. Identification of enzymes in cell-free extracts.
A survey of purine anabolic and catabolic enzymes has resulted in identification of major pathways in schistosome nucleotide biosynthesis and suggests candidates of nucleotide analogs which might be useful chemotherapeutic agents. Expand
Multidrug resistant Salmonella typhimurium in Chandigarh.
Identification and isolation on a large scale of guanylate kinase from human erythrocytes. Effects of monophosphate nucleotides of purine analogs.
Studies with the partially purified erythrocytic guanylate kinase showed that GMP, dGMP, 8-azaGMP and IMP serve as substrates while UMP, CMP and 6-thioIMP do not. Expand
Purine metabolism in primitive erythrocytes.
Erythrocytic NDP kinase activities were high and electrophoretically heterogeneous in all species examined and patterns of nucleotide extracts of whole blood and erythrocytes in seal, eel, hagfish, dogfish, nurse shark and stingray were similar when determined by high-pressure liquid chromatography. Expand
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase from human erythrocytes: physiocochemical properties of the crystalline enzyme.
Comparative studies with crystalline bovine spleen PNPase confirmed that it is also a trimer but is somewhat smaller than the human erythrocytic enzyme with a molecular weight of about 86 000. Expand
Role of adenosine uptake and metabolism by blood cells in the antiplatelet actions of dipyridamole, dilazep and nitrobenzylthioinosine.
The studies suggest that the in vivo antiplatelet actions of drugs such as dipyridamole and dilazep result from their abilities to block erythrocytic Ado uptake and subsequent metabolism, thus elevating the extracellular steady-state concentration of the physiologically occurring, antiplatelets agent, Ado. Expand