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Direct assessment of water exchange on a Gd(III) chelate bound to a protein
Abstract The Gd(III) complex of 4-pentylbicyclo[2.2.2]octane-1-carboxyl-di-l-aspartyl-lysine-derived DTPA, [GdL(H2O)]2–, binds to serum albumin in vivo, through hydrophobic interaction. A variableExpand
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NMRD assessment of Gd-DTPA-bis(methoxyethylamide), (Gd-DTPA-BMEA), a nonionic MRI agent.
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Gd-DTPA-BMEA, a nonionic bis(methoxyethylamide) derivative of Gd-DTPA, is the active ingredient of OptiMARK, now awaiting FDA approval. In this study, we compare theExpand
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Deuterium NMR study of the MP-2269: albumin interaction — a step forward to the dynamics of non-covalent binding
MP-2269, the Gd(III) complex of 4-pcntylbicyclo[2.2.2] octane-l-carboxyl-di-L-aspartyl-lysinc-derived-DTPA, is a small Gd-agent that binds non-covalently to scrum albumin in vivo to assume theExpand
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1H-NMRD and17O-NMR assessment of water exchange and rotational dynamics of two potential MRI agents: MP-1177 (an extracellular agent) and MP-2269 (a blood pool agent)
The parameters that govern water proton magnetic relaxation (e.g. water exchange rates, and rotational and electronic correlation times) of representatives of two classes of Gd(III) complexes haveExpand
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