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Inkjet 3D Printing – Studies on Applicability for Lab-on-a-chip Technique
Abstract Three-dimensional (3D) printing has the potential to transform science and technology by creating bespoke, low-cost appliances that previously required dedicated facilities in order to beExpand
Inkjet 3D printing of microfluidic structures—on the selection of the printer towards printing your own microfluidic chips
This article reports, for the first time, the results of detailed research on the application of inkjet 3D printing for the fabrication of microfluidic structures. CAD designed test structures wereExpand
3D Printed Electrophoretic Lab-on-chip for DNA Separation
Abstract In this paper we present for the first time inkjet 3D printed lab-on-a-chip for DNA analyse by on-chip gel electrophoresis. Separation of 50÷800 bp DNA ladder was successfully performed.Expand
Inkjet 3D printed check microvalve
3D printing enables fast and relatively easy fabrication of various microfluidic structures including microvalves. A check microvalve is the simplest valve enabling control of the fluid flow inExpand
Electron optics column for a new MEMS-type transmission electron microscope
The concept of a miniature transmission electron microscope (TEM) on chip is presented. This idea assumes manufacturing of a silicon-glass multilayer device that contains a miniature electron gun, anExpand
Inkjet 3D printed chip for capillary gel electrophoresis
Abstract This paper presents for the first time the use of an inkjet 3D printing to develop a chip for capillary gel electrophoresis. The designing of the chip is preceded by investigations intoExpand
Inkjet 3D printed modular microfluidic chips for on-chip gel electrophoresis
Concept of modular microfluidics combined with fabrication of the modules by 3D printing is an alternative to traditional monolithic form of the chips and microfabrication techniques of microfluidicExpand
Inkjet 3D Printed Micropot with Integrated Cantilever-Like Force Sensor for Growing Plant Biological Potential Measurement
In this paper we present a results of fabrication of 3D printed micropot with integrated cantilever-like force sensor. Different thickness cantilevers was used. Presented micropot was use forExpand
Inkjet 3D Printed Venturi Microflowmeter
In this paper we present a 3D printed flow meter based on venture tube. Diameter of printed microchannel is 800 um for wider and 400 um for smaller channel. Application of different types of pressureExpand
Inkjet 3D Printed Miniature Water Turbine Energy Harvester-Flow Meter for Distributed Measurement Systems
An energy harvester fabricated by inkjet 3D printing based on miniature water flow turbine with mechanical and electrical components necessary for electrical energy generation is shown. TurbineExpand