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Heat transfer in straight fins of arbitrary profile subjected to periodic base and environment temperatures
An analysis of a straight fin of arbitrary profile sujected to periodic base and environment temperatures is presented. The complex combination method is used to solve the steady perodic part byExpand
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The improved thin aerofoil method, which features extended expressions for lift and moment coefficients, is considered for further investigation and validation. The procedure to calculate theExpand
Comparative study of some equations of state for computing properties of refrigerant-12
An extended form of the popular two-constant van der Waals and Redlich-Kwong equations of state is suggested. In this extended form, the second constant in each equation is replaced by a polynomialExpand
Improved thin-airfoil theory
Amelioration de la precision et extension du domaine d'application de la theorie classique des ailes minces
Temperature distribution in a storage tank
In this work the temperature distribution in a vertical storage tank fed at its top with warmer fluid at constant flow rate is investigated. The flow rate is considered to be so small that laminarExpand
Analysis of continuous-flow thin-film solar stills
A continuous-flow thin-film solar still is analysed. Both fluid dynamics of the thin-film flow and first law analysis of the system are included. A set of equations describing the spatial andExpand
Performance comparison between alternative and phased-out refrigerants
SYNOPSIS Three performance criteria of the ideal vapour-compression refrigeration cycle are selected to conduct a comparative study between the new HCFC refrigerant R-123 and the old CFC refrigerantExpand