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Managing trust in a peer-2-peer information system
It is expected that scalable methods for trust management are an important factor, if fully decentralized peer-to-peer systems should become the platform for more serious applications than simple file exchange. Expand
P-Grid: A Self-Organizing Access Structure for P2P Information Systems
  • K. Aberer
  • Computer Science
  • CoopIS
  • 5 September 2001
This paper introduces P-Grid, a scalable access structure that is specifically designed for Peer-To-Peer information systems, which provide reliable data access even with unreliable peers, and scale gracefully both in storage and communication cost. Expand
Infrastructure for Data Processing in Large-Scale Interconnected Sensor Networks
The global sensor networks (GSN) middleware is described, its conceptual model, abstractions, and architecture are presented, and the efficiency of the implementation is demonstrated through experiments with typical high-load application profiles. Expand
A middleware for fast and flexible sensor network deployment
This work presents the Global Sensor Networks (GSN) middleware, a virtual sensor abstraction which enables the user to declaratively specify XML-based deployment descriptors in combination with the possibility to integrate sensor network data through plain SQL queries over local and remote sensor data sources. Expand
P-Grid: a self-organizing structured P2P system
Self-organizing Structured P2P systems are described, which have generated substantial interest because of emergent globalscale phenomena and the most prominent class of approaches are distributed hash tables (DHT) and Chord. Expand
Personalized point-of-interest recommendation by mining users' preference transition
A novel category-aware POI recommendation model is proposed, which exploits the transition patterns of users' preference over location categories to improve location recommendation accuracy and outperforms the state-of-the-artPOI recommendation models. Expand
Outtweeting the Twitterers - Predicting Information Cascades in Microblogs
A propagation model is proposed that predicts which users are likely to mention which URLs in the social network of Twitter, a popular microblogging site, and correctly accounts for more than half of the URL mentions in the data set. Expand
OpenIoT: Open Source Internet-of-Things in the Cloud
An overview of the OpenIoT project, which has developed and provided a first-of-kind open source IoT platform enabling the semantic interoperability of IoT services in the cloud, and its ability to handle mobile sensors, thereby enabling the emerging wave of mobile crowd sensing applications. Expand
Polisis: Automated Analysis and Presentation of Privacy Policies Using Deep Learning
Polisis, an automated framework for privacy Policies analysis, enables scalable, dynamic, and multi-dimensional queries on privacy policies, and demonstrates Polisis's modularity and utility with two robust applications that support structured and free-form querying. Expand
Updates in highly unreliable, replicated peer-to-peer systems
A generic analytical model is described to investigate the utility of the hybrid update propagation scheme from the perspective of communication overhead and provides a fully decentralised, efficient and robust communication scheme which offers probabilistic guarantees rather than ensuring strict consistency. Expand