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Managing trust in a peer-2-peer information system
Managing trust is a problem of particular importance in peer-to-peer environments where one frequently encounters unknown agents. Existing methods for trust management, that are based on reputation,Expand
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P-Grid: A Self-Organizing Access Structure for P2P Information Systems
  • K. Aberer
  • Computer Science
  • CoopIS
  • 5 September 2001
Peer-To-Peer systems are driving a major paradigm shift in the era of genuinely distributed computing. Gnutella is a good example of a Peer-To-Peer success story: a rather simple software enablesExpand
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A middleware for fast and flexible sensor network deployment
A key problem in current sensor network technology is the heterogeneity of the available software and hardware platforms which makes deployment and application development a tedious and timeExpand
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Infrastructure for Data Processing in Large-Scale Interconnected Sensor Networks
With the price of wireless sensor technologies diminishing rapidly we can expect large numbers of autonomous sensor networks being deployed in the near future. These sensor networks will typicallyExpand
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P-Grid: a self-organizing structured P2P system
1 Self-organizing Structured P2P Systems In the P2P community a fundamental distinction is made among unstructured and structured P2P systems for resource location. In unstructured P2P systems inExpand
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Personalized point-of-interest recommendation by mining users' preference transition
Location-based social networks (LBSNs) offer researchers rich data to study people's online activities and mobility patterns. One important application of such studies is to provide personalizedExpand
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Outtweeting the Twitterers - Predicting Information Cascades in Microblogs
Microblogging sites are a unique and dynamic Web 2.0 communication medium. Understanding the information flow in these systems can not only provide better insights into the underlying sociology, butExpand
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OpenIoT: Open Source Internet-of-Things in the Cloud
Despite the proliferation of Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms for building and deploying IoT applications in the cloud, there is still no easy way to integrate heterogeneous geographically andExpand
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Updates in highly unreliable, replicated peer-to-peer systems
This paper studies the problem of updates in decentralised and self-organising P2P systems in which peers have low online probabilities and only local knowledge. The update strategy we propose forExpand
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QoS-Based Service Selection and Ranking with Trust and Reputation Management
QoS-based service selection mechanisms will play an essential role in service-oriented architectures, as e-Business applications want to use services that most accurately meet their requirements.Expand
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