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Hard and Soft Law in International Governance
We examine why international actors—including states, firms, and activists—seek different types of legalized arrangements to solve political and substantive problems. We show how particular forms ofExpand
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The Concept of Legalization
We develop an empirically based conception of international legalization to show how law and politics are intertwined across a wide range of institutional forms and to frame the analytic andExpand
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Why States Act through Formal International Organizations
States use formal international organizations (IOs) to manage both their everyday interactions and more dramatic episodes, including international conflicts. Yet, contemporary international theoryExpand
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Transnational Business Governance Interactions: Conceptualization and Framework for Analysis
This special issue demonstrates the importance of interactions in transnational business governance. The number of schemes applying non-state authority to govern business conduct across borders hasExpand
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Strengthening international regulation through transnational new governance : overcoming the orchestration deficitthrough Orchestration
Ein internationales regulatorisches System neuer Art entsteht derzeit spontan aus dem Versagen der internationalen „Old Governance“ – also der bestehenden internationalen Vertrage und OrganisationenExpand
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Engaging the public and the private in global sustainability governance
Negotiators preparing for the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio 20) are missing an important opportunity. Reforming the institutional framework for sustainable development is aExpand
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Navigating the Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance
The United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro in June is an important opportunity to improve the institutional framework for sustainable development. Science assessments indicate that humanExpand
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International Organizations as Orchestrators
Part I. Introduction: 1. Orchestration: global governance through intermediaries Kenneth W. Abbott, Philipp Genschel, Duncan Snidal and Bernhard Zangl Part II. Managing States: 2. OrchestratingExpand
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Orchestration: Global Governance through Intermediaries
This paper develops a conceptual framework for analyzing orchestration, a mode of governance that is widely used by international organizations (IGOs) and other governance actors, but rarelyExpand
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