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Stakeholder salience in global projects
Abstract Stakeholder management is particularly important in global projects, which are carried out in institutionally demanding environments. Existing research suggests that management givesExpand
A project lifecycle perspective on stakeholder influence strategies in global projects
Summary Global projects affect and are affected by multiple stakeholders with differing interests and demands. Recently, there has been increased pressure for global projects to be moreExpand
Project stakeholder analysis as an environmental interpretation process
Abstract International projects face a variety of pressures from their uncertain and complex external stakeholder environments. In order to reduce uncertainty, a project management team builds upExpand
Response strategies to stakeholder pressures in global projects
Abstract Global projects that are implemented in highly uncertain and turbulent environments inevitably face a variety of external institutional pressures exerted on them. Demands presented byExpand
Towards an improved understanding of project stakeholder landscapes
Abstract Understanding stakeholders, their influences and devising engagement strategies based on the analyses of stakeholder landscapes has become one of the key capabilities within project-basedExpand
Project sustainability strategies: A systematic literature review
Abstract Because research focusing on sustainability in a project context is still nascent and fragmented, we carried out a systematic literature review covering all research published in fiveExpand
Dimensions of distance in a project network: Exploring Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant project
Abstract This paper proposes that many of the challenges of implementing large multi-firm projects are captured in the multi-dimensional concept of distance between firms in a large project’s actorExpand
Stakeholder Dynamics during the Project Front-End: The Case of Nuclear Waste Repository Projects
Understanding stakeholder dynamics and their impact on project management is crucial, especially for large and complex projects such as nuclear waste repositories. This study examines the stakeholderExpand
Stakeholder Management in International Projects
OF DOCTORAL DISSERTATION AALTO UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY P.O. BOX 11000, FI-00076 AALTO http://www.aalto.fi Author Kirsi Maria Aaltonen (née Eloranta) Name of the dissertationExpand
A stakeholder network perspective on unexpected events and their management in international projects
Purpose – While earlier literature has focused on the management tactics of unexpected events, this paper employs an inter‐organizational network perspective to the study of unexpected events inExpand