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Years of Quanta : Complex-Dynamical Origin of Planck ' s Constant and Causally Complete Extension of Quantum Mechanics
On 14 December 1900 Max Planck first formulated the idea of the intrinsic discreteness of energy of elementary solid-body oscillators and expressed the discrete energy portions, or quanta, as theExpand
Years of Matter Wave : Louis de Broglie and Renaissance of the Causally Complete Knowledge
A physically real wave associated to any moving particle and propagating in a surrounding material medium was introduced by Louis de Broglie in a series of short notes in 1923 and in the mostExpand
This book consists of a glimpse of many professors’ ideas towards improvement of teaching practices in India. The vital concept includes strategies in teaching, modernization in education, art ofExpand
Causal Wave Mechanics and the Advent of Complexity . IV . Dynamical origin of quantum indeterminacy and wave reduction
The concept of fundamental dynamic uncertainty (multivaluedness) developed in Parts I-III of this work and used to establish the consistent understanding of genuine chaos in Hamiltonian systemsExpand
qu an tph / 9 51 10 36 v 2 2 5 M ar 1 99 9 Causal Wave Mechanics and the Advent of Complexity . III . Universal Structure of Complexity
The universal dynamic uncertainty, discovered in Parts I and II of this series of papers for the case of Hamiltonian quantum systems, is further specified to reveal the hierarchical structure ofExpand
Non-iterative method for phase retrieval and coherence characterization by focus variation using a fixed star-shaped mask
A novel non-iterative phase retrieval method is proposed and demonstrated with a proof-of-principle experiment. The method uses a fixed specially designed mask and throughfocus intensityExpand
Years of the Wavefunction : Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Original Wave Realism and the Universal Schrödinger Equation
Following Max Planck's hypothesis of quanta (quant-ph/0012069) and the matter wave idea of Louis de Broglie (quant-ph/9911107), Erwin Schrödinger introduced, at the beginning of 1926, the concept ofExpand
qu an tph / 9 90 20 15 v 2 9 D ec 1 99 9 Double solution with chaos : Dynamic redundance and causal wave-particle duality
A system of two interacting, physically real, initially homogeneous fields is considered as the most elementary possible basis for the world construction in which one of them, a 'protofield' ofExpand
Causal Wave Mechanics and the Advent of Complexity . II . Dynamic uncertainty in quantum systems and the correspondence principle
The intrinsic multivaluedness of interaction process, revealed in Part I of this series of papers, is interpreted as the origin of the true dynamical (in particular, quantum) chaos. The latter isExpand
Model-independent noise-robust extension of ptychography
A noise-robust extension of iterative phase retrieval algorithms that does not need to assume a noise model is proposed. It works by adapting the intensity constraints using the reconstructed object.Expand