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Germline melanoma susceptibility and prognostic genes: a review of the literature.
This review summarizes the research on germline polymorphisms that have been implicated in melanoma susceptibility and prognosis in order to provide a framework for additional studies to meet the ultimate goal of predicting a patient's risk of, and prog outlook in, cutaneous malignant melanoma. Expand
Evidence for genetic homogeneity of Setleis' syndrome and focal facial dermal dysplasia
A healthy 14‐month‐old boy had multiple, circular, scar‐like depressions on both temples, which had been present since birth, and his mother and one sister had similar, but less obvious, lesions on the temples. Expand
Adverse effects of topical photodynamic therapy: a consensus review and approach to management
Topical photodynamic therapy (PDT) is widely used to treat superficial nonmelanoma skin cancer and dysplasia, and is generally well tolerated. However, as with all treatments, adverse effects mayExpand
Role of breast sonography in imaging of adolescents with palpable solid breast masses.
Sonography was not useful for predicting the histologic diagnosis of all solid benign breast masses in adolescent patients, but the Stavros sonographic criteria were useful for predicted benignity in 65% of the breast masses on which histopathologic examination was performed. Expand
Dermatologic diseases of the breast in young women.
S pecific diseases of the nipple-areolar complex that present in premenopausal women will be discussed and the putative role of silicone gel breast implants in the development of connective-tissue-like diseases are considered. Expand
The cardio‐facio‐cutaneous syndrome: a manifestation of the Noonan syndrome?
A family who clearly satisfy the criteria for the CFC syndrome is described, and other features which have been reported in the Noonan syndrome but not in the C FC syndrome, namely a haemorrhagic diathesis and ocular abnormalities are shown. Expand
Human piebaldism: relationship between phenotype and site of kit gene mutation
Piebaldism results from mutations of the kit proto‐oncogene, which encodes a cell‐surface receptor, tyrosine kinase, whose ligand is the stem/mast cell growth factor. Expand
Subungual squamous cell carcinoma in Darier's disease
The first case of subungual squamous cell carcinoma in a patient with Darier's disease is reported, and the presence of human papiliomavirus DNA was confirmed, consistent with its probable role in carcinogenesis at this site. Expand
Detection of human papilloma virus DNA sequences in oral squamous cell papillomas by the polymerase chain reaction.
Human papilloma virus DNA types 6 and 11 were identified in 68% of these oral lesions, which raises the possibility of an etiologic role for human papillsoma virus in the pathogenesis of oral squamous cell papillomas. Expand