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The well-founded semantics for general logic programs
It is shown that the class of programs possessing a total well-founded model properly includes previously studied classes of "stratified" and "locally stratified" programs, and is compared with other proposals in the literature. Expand
Filtering algorithms and implementation for very fast publish/subscribe systems
An attempt at the construction of novel data structures and implementations that enable the creation of more scalable, high performance publish/subscribe systems is described. Expand
Making B+- trees cache conscious in main memory
Previous research has shown that cache behavior is important for main memory index structures. Cache conscious index structures such as Cache Sensitive Search Trees (CSS-Trees) perform lookups muchExpand
Tabled Evaluation with Delaying for General Logic Programs
The semantics of predicate logic as a programming language. Every logic program has a natural stratiication and an iterated least xed point model. Magic sets and bottom-up evaluation of well-foundedExpand
Unfounded sets and well-founded semantics for general logic programs
It is shown that a program has a unique stable model if it has a well-founded model, in which case they are the same, and the converse is not true. Expand
Cache Conscious Indexing for Decision-Support in Main Memory
A new indexing technique called \Cache-Sensitive Search Trees" (CSS-trees) is proposed, to provide faster lookup times than binary search by paying attention to reference locality and cache behavior, without using substantial extra space. Expand
Fast Computation of Sparse Datacubes
This work proposes a novel algorithm for the fast computation of datacubes over sparse relations, and demonstrates the efficiency of the algorithm using synthetic, benchmark and real-world data sets. Expand
Rethinking SIMD Vectorization for In-Memory Databases
This paper presents novel vectorized designs and implementations of database operators, based on advanced SIMD operations, such as gathers and scatters, and highlights the impact of efficient vectorization on the algorithmic design of in-memorydatabase operators, as well as the architectural design and power efficiency of hardware. Expand
Materialized view maintenance and integrity constraint checking: trading space for time
It is shown that it is possible to reduce the total time cost of view maintenance by materializing (and maintaining) additional views, and it is demonstrated that global optimization cannot, in general, be achieved by locally optimizing each materialized subview. Expand
Adaptive Aggregation on Chip Multiprocessors
This paper examines aggregation in a multi-core environment, the Sun UltraSPARC T1, a chip multiprocessor with eight cores and a shared L2 cache, and introduces an adaptive aggregation operator that performs lightweight sampling of the input to choose the correct aggregation strategy with high accuracy. Expand