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Two different stages of epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor endocytosis are sensitive to free ubiquitin depletion produced by proteasome inhibitor MG132
Numerous studies implicate proteasomes in the regulation of EGF receptor (EGFR) endocytosis on the basis of the ability of inhibitors to decrease EGFR degradation, but the exact mechanisms remainExpand
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Termination of tyrphostin AG1478 application results in different recovery of EGF receptor tyrosine residues 1045 and 1173 phosphorylation in A431 cells
Tyrphostin AG1478 is known as a specific and reversible inhibitor of TK (tyrosine kinase) activity of the EGFR [EGF (epidermal growth factor) receptor]. It is attractive as an anticancer agent forExpand
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A study of extracellular vesicles isolated from blood plasma conducted by low-voltage scanning electron microscopy
Extracellular vesicles secreted by cells represent an almost spherical membrane structures enriched with biological molecules of different types. The number and molecular composition of theseExpand
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Extracellular vesicles are subspherical membranous structures secreted by cells and enriched with different types of biological molecules. The number and the molecular content of these structuresExpand
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Heterogeneity of the nucleic acid repertoire of plasma extracellular vesicles demonstrated using high-sensitivity fluorescence-activated sorting
ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to investigate cell source-dependent nucleic acids repertoire of diverse subpopulations of plasma extracellular vesicles (EVs). Blood plasma from nine healthyExpand
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Analysis of tyrphostin AG1478 effect on behavior of internalized EGF receptor at different stages of endocytosis
In the work, the effect of tyrphostin AG1478, a specific inhibitor of the receptor tyrosine kinase, on the behavior of an internalized EGF receptor at different stages upon the stimulation ofExpand
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Differential expression of CD42b and CD9 proteins in platelets and extracellular membrane vesicles during platelet-concentrate storage
Platelet concentrate is used to restore and maintain hemostasis in patients with a reduced number or activity of platelets. Platelet concentrate changes its properties when stored, which leads to aExpand
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