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Temporal control of neurogenin3 activity in pancreas progenitors reveals competence windows for the generation of different endocrine cell types.
All pancreatic endocrine cells, producing glucagon, insulin, somatostatin, or PP, differentiate from Pdx1+ progenitors that transiently express Neurogenin3. To understand whether the competence ofExpand
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Development and diseases of the pancreas
The pancreas is a vital gland of exocrine and endocrine function. It is the target of two main affections: diabetes and pancreatic cancer. We describe the tissue interactions, signaling pathways andExpand
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Differential functions of mammalian Cdk 7 and CCRK kinases in regulating transcription and ciliogenesis
BLOCKIN 52 1. Cdk7-­‐cyclin H-­‐Mat1 kinase subcomplex of TFIIH is required for global transcription and mRNA turnover (I, II) BLOCKIN