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Sex and Politics—New Alignments, Old Issues
The relationship between sex and political behavior has been discussed only in passing in the political science literature, if it is discussed at all. There has been little evidence from the 1940s toExpand
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Sex and Voting in the U.S. House of Representatives 1961-1975
Studies of sex differences in the political arena are often confined to those which are easily measured, particularly in the mass population, such as political participation, voting behavior, andExpand
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Reporting “The Polls” in 2004
Media reports of polls indicate how well public opinion polls have been integrated into campaign coverage. This article exam- ines how polls were used in 2004. Although there were relatively lim-Expand
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Exit Polls and Pre-Election Polls
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Opinion Polls and the Media in the United States
For all practical purposes, media polls are an American invention, and polls have been reported by the American news media as long ago as the early nineteenth century. Over the last two centuries,Expand
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Public Opinion and the Thomas Nomination
Until recently, the nomination of a justice to the U.S. Supreme Court had little public opinion relevance. Questions might be raised about the nominee's qualifications, perhaps including his or herExpand
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Casework & Electoral Margins: Insurance Is Prudent
Empirical evidence collected over the last several decades shows that members of Congress and their constituents do not have high levels of agreement on issues of the day. Further, sample surveysExpand
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