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Cholinesterase inhibitory activities of some flavonoid derivatives and chosen xanthone and their molecular docking studies.
Flavonoids are one of the largest classes of plant secondary metabolites and are known to possess a number of significant biological activities for human health. In this study, we examined in vitroExpand
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Flavonoids as Potent Scavengers of Hydroxyl Radicals
Oxidative stress is a fundamental principle in the pathophysiology of many diseases. It occurs when the production of reactive oxygen species exceeds the capacity of the cell defense system. TheExpand
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C-geranyl compounds from Paulownia tomentosa fruits.
Five geranylflavonoids, one prenylated flavonoid, and a simple flavanone were isolated from an ethanolic extract of Paulownia tomentosa fruit. Tomentodiplacol (1), 3'-O-methyl-5'-methoxydiplacol (2),Expand
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Hepatoprotective and TNF-α inhibitory activity of Zosima absinthifolia extracts and coumarins.
Zosima absinthifolia (ZA) extracts and the coumarins (+)-columbianadin and (-)-deltoin were evaluated for their potential hepatoprotective and antiinflamatory effects in a CCl(4)-inducedExpand
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Antibacterial C-geranylflavonoids from Paulownia tomentosa Fruits.
Eight C-6-geranylflavonoids ( 1- 8) were isolated from an ethanol extract of Paulownia tomentosa fruits. Tomentodiplacone ( 1), 3'- O-methyl-5'-hydroxydiplacone ( 2), 3'- O-methyl-5'-Expand
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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of prenylated substances isolated from Morus alba and Morus nigra.
Chromatographic separation of root extracts of Morus alba and M. nigra led to the identification of the 2-arylbenzofurans moracin C (1), mulberrofuran Y (2), and mulberrofuran H (3), and theExpand
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Minor C-geranylated flavanones from Paulownia tomentosa fruits with MRSA antibacterial activity.
Exhaustive chromatographic separation of the chloroform portion of the ethanolic extract obtained from Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb). Steud. (Paulowniaceae) fruits has led to isolation of ten C-6Expand
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Cytotoxic potential of C-prenylated flavonoids
Prenylated flavonoids are a large group of compounds that combine a flavonoid skeleton with a lipophilic prenyl side-chain. The-side chain may be modified, especially by oxidation, and this variationExpand
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Natural Products to Counteract the Epidemic of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders.
Natural products have always been exploited to promote health and served as a valuable source for the discovery of new drugs. In this review, the great potential of natural compounds and medicinalExpand
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Evaluation of cytotoxic activity of Schisandra chinensis lignans.
Using exhaustive chromatographic separation we have isolated (-)-tigloyl-deangeloyl-gomisin F as a novel dibenzocyclooctadiene lignan from schisandra chinensis. With the help of HPLC, we furtherExpand
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