K. van't Klooster

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The Huygens Probe landed 14 January 2005 on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. During and after the landing, Huygens transmitted data to Cassini, which acted as data relay station flying nearby Titan. There were two transmission channels. One of the two channels was very stable in frequency: it was locked to an on-board ultra stable oscillator (USO).(More)
The paper describes how an activity is going on for a design, development and realisation of a large 12-meter deployable reflector antenna for space applications. The reflector antenna system is subject of an ESA contract awarded to Alenia Spazio as a prime contractor. The Russian company NPO EGS is responsible as sub-contractor for an important element,(More)
The paper presents the design and validation of a dual band feed system for the reflector antenna of the CoReH2O (Cold Regions Hydrology High-resolution Observatory) SAR instrument, investigated under ESA contract. The antenna is a dual linearly polarized single-offset reflector, illuminated by two side feed arrays operating in X and Ku band respectively.(More)
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