K de Verdier Klingenberg

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Diarrhoea among growing pigs (8-13 weeks old) is a significant problem in many herds. Nine herds with poor performance and diarrhoea among growing pigs were selected on the basis of their piglet mean age at a body weight of 25 kg, compared to the overall mean age in Swedish herds. In addition, four herds with good average performance and no problems with(More)
Faeces samples were collected during outbreaks of neonatal calf diarrhoea in 14 beef and dairy herds. Samples from 33 calves were taken at the onset of diarrhoea as well as from 30 calves with no signs of enteritis. No vaccines or medical treatment had previously been given. The mean age of the calves was 16.8 days (SD 8.2). The clinical evaluation of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether strict closure of a dairy herd and eradication of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) infection would decrease incidence of diarrhea in calves during the first 31 days after birth, whether specific risk factors were associated with incidence of diarrhea in calves, and whether diarrhea was associated with weight gain of the(More)
G-typing of rotavirus strains enables the study of molecular epidemiology and gathering of information to promote disease prevention and control. Rotavirus strains in fecal specimens from neonatal calves in Swedish cattle herds were therefore characterized by using G1 to -4-, G6-, G8-, and G10-specific primers in reverse transcription (RT)-PCR. Fecal(More)
An immunochromatographic test for the detection of group A rotavirus was evaluated against a reference group A rotavirus ELISA, by using a panel of 161 bovine, porcine and equine faecal samples submitted for routine examination. The sensitivity of the test was 89 per cent and the specificity 99 per cent compared with the ELISA. Its reproducibility was 100(More)
Laboratory and hospitalization data from two children's hospitals with large primary catchment areas and national laboratory and hospitalization data for children under 4 y of age with acute diarrhoea were compiled to estimate the number of hospitalizations and the cost burden associated with rotavirus diarrhoea in Sweden. According to our estimates(More)
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